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Immortal Realm: Friday Update

I’m going to try and maintain a weekly update every Friday.

A lot has gone on since I last wrote an update. I managed to leverage the power of Tensorflow to classify the difference between an Apple and a Pikachu. Amazing stuff really. On the Immortal Realm front a lot has happened too. New town assets. The story line is really starting to take shape. So many cool things. See the video for a really quick rundown.

Aaaaand I forgot to mention in the video that the energy bar is “working”. Clicking an enemy takes action points and drains the bar. It even has a refresh rate over time. Simple stuff, but the building blocks for even greater things in the future. A lot of the code behind the scenes is inspired by the Wonderful Ben Tristem and his courses on Udemy. The secret sauce to game development is to be constantly learning and find amazing people to look up to.

What’s New

This was ADHD week. I imported a massive village and dungeon kit for the game. But I really didn’t like the washed out appearance and decided to retexture the buildings. Then I noticed all the character sizes were off, so I refactored all of the characters in proportion to the main character’s size. I was running low on time for today’s video and post, so I rushed some Precedurally generated dungeons. I guess¬† you can say this will be “rogue-like”.

I’ve since changed away from the default Skybox and imported a free asset. This fixed the washed out appearance and brought the warm evening colors up front as was intended. Unity and it’s default Skyboxes are a huge pain.

This is the Immortal Realm

As I go through, building the game, levels and features I get inspired. The story grows bigger and concepts for features explodes with interesting ideas. Since death is not permanent, I thought of adding inflictions. There’s a toll to pay for dying you know. Anywhere from a reshuffle of your carefully constructed stats (Str drops 10 points but 3 points are added to Bad Luck), to a random disorder like chronic farting. Not all afflictions will be bad. Some may even be desired. But the randomness of death holds you back from trying.

The tone of the game will be somewhat lighthearted that layers over a dark, evil story. You have a town of people who have died several times and lived several thousand years, they’re going to be unique. The way they accept their fate is the genuine part of the game. Your enemies may become your friends as time progresses. You even encounter some talking heads with an interesting backstory and odd friendship.

The “overlord” of the realm, well he’s a real mystery. A fallen god, trapped just like the rest of the denizens of this town.

I’ve probably said too much. That’s ok, as I’m working out so many details of the game. The fun will be what’s to come.

Good night. I’m too burned out and tired to continue trying to write coherently.

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