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Unity3D Building the Island world of Immortal Realm with Gaia, Enviro and Other Tools

The video roughly covers the steps I took in order to build the island world of Immortal Realm. The project starts with a blank scene and Gaia. Add in stamps, texture rules and let the procedural magic happen. Within a few minutes, math will take shape into a beautiful terrain. But the magic of Gaia is only just the beginning. The level still needs to be manually forged to really build your dream level. Beaches softened, Mesas expanded, rivers dug and bridges built.

Getting Started with Gaia

Once the terrain was established it needed to be textured. I walked through the steps of texturing, how Gaia applies them to the scene and the order in which they are added in important. The Gaia texture spawner takes care of the rest. Adding in rules like height, angle and perlin noise really spices up the terrain texturing and adds to the overall look and feel of the level.

At this point, we’re basically done with Gaia. If you’re comfortable with your landscape and texturing, it can be completely removed. But you can also use it to add in instances of the other tools. This is what I did with the Gaia Extensions feature. Now it’s time to add in the ocean and environmental effects. Gaia makes this a breeze. Open the manager window, go to the GX tab and add your packages. I this case I added Suimono, Enviro and Vegetation Studio.

This is how Gaia becomes magical beyond landscapes and textures.

I earlier broke Tenkoku and Adam’s CTS. I honestly have not used them yet as it is. Though I do believe Tenkoku does the same thing as Enviro, so you’d want to add one or the other. I’ll reinstall it later and do a comparison video on the two later.

A hilarious thing is my Invector controlled player character is now falling through the world. I have no idea what broke between today and yesterday but it’s rather annoying. I couldn’t demonstrate the level at this point in play mode. When I figure out how to fix the Invector 3rd Person controller so it doesn’t fall through the world (Again!) I’ll do so and share the results.

Until I fix Invector

I paused writing here to troubleshoot invector and get Tenkoku working. Tenkoku looks fantastic in the editor, but I cannot actually see it in game because Invector broke big time. Even in a new scene and generated character it falls through the world. So it’s open a problem ticket time.

Anyway, thank you for watching the video (like and subscribe) and following along in the game dev journey.

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