Reddit User Lies about $45,000 Star Citizen Refund

Reddit User Lies!

Derek Smart’s troll army is at it again. This time a huge lie. A now deleted reddit account posted doctored screen shots detailing their conversation leading up to a massive $45,000 refund for several Star Citizen “completionist packages”. Only it was mostly false.

Banu Merchantman

Hey look it’s a Banu Merchantman. I bought one and can’t wait to fly it!

In reality, the user got a $330 refund. This was verified by Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) themselves. Of course the trash media “journalists” picked up the story as “fact” and spread it like wild fire. Following modern trends they just issue a “correction” later and go about misleading and failing at life.

Speculation Corner

Why would anyone want to fabricate a lie of this magnitude? Star Citizen is constantly making history. It’s the world’s largest crowded funded project. They’ve worked out so many technologies never before seen and so much more. Chris Roberts has a long trail of highly successful game franchises (Wing Commander, Freelancer, Privateer…) as well as a decent movie.

I’d have to speculate Robert’s eternal nemesis “Derek Smart” would either be behind, or at least inspired this falsehood. Why? Derek is a mirror image of Chris. He leads a long line of failed projects, his twitter and other social media is a stream of constant and insane toxic ramblings. He spends more time and energy trying to bring down a successful project to feel better about his own failings in life. If he would only focus that energy on making games to his vision, he’d have been a wild success.

If you’ve ever seen or tried Smart’s “latest” game “Line of Defense” you’ll completely understand the face of failure. Going on something like 10 years in development it is showing it’s age and deteriorated rudimentary graphics. Maybe 3 people play this MMO and they’re quite possibly the developers testing things or committing virtual suicide over working on the project.

Remember Smart’s life lesson: it’s easier to bring people down than it is to strive to reach their heights.

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