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Super Panda Adventure Tour is Released on IOS and Android!

Super Panda Adventure Tour is Out

Holy cow. It’s been one heck of a journey. I lost track, but about 5 or 6 months of my life dedicated to developing this game. Super Panda is finally released but not done yet!

Super Panda is a 2D platformer designed in Unity3D and programmed in C#. Crafted by a single person (me) over the span of months while also trying to balance a day job and some semblance of a social life, (that last part failed). Yes, it was completely inspired by Super Mario Brothers. I remember the laughs, playing the original Mario Brothers game with my cousin. I wanted to capture the spirit and fun of the old games that I miss most in modern gaming.

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So go get it

That’s right, click the link above to download this game and play it for yourself. I could go on forever about how I passionately rushed home from work and woke up at 6am on the weekends to work on this game, but heck, see for yourself.¬†Super Panda is tons of fun and there’s quite a few leaderboards and achievements to keep you competing for fastest time and most monster kills and coins collected.

While the game is “done” I’m sure there will be bugs and levels that need adjustment. Best place for feedback and contacting me is the Chaos Rift Gaming Facebook page. Please remember, I’m one person and still have a “day job”. Making games is a passion I’ve had since I was a kid. A long overdue one and am finally pursuing those goals. Unity has really given that goal a chance and purpose.


Please share out this article. Share the Facebook page and just talk about Super Panda. I don’t want this to be my last game. I have so many ideas, far superior to Super Panda and Rocket Shark. They were just a warm up to a brighter future of gaming. I just need the resources and time to get them going. But I’ve seriously digressed too much from the main topic.

If you’ve gotten this far, thank you! Please enjoy playing Super Panda as much as I’ve enjoyed making it.

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Craig is the founder of The Chaos Rift and developer of the games published here. In his spare time he'll also write about games, play games and dream about games. Being a Game developer has been a dream of Craig's since he was 14 and after some detours has finally started to realize his dreams.

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