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Forza Horizon 3: First Impressions

Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3 is my very first Forza game since Forza 1 on the original XBOX! While it was a good console, the controller and other features were simply a turn off for me. But Microsoft is making some great changes to their policy and may be winning my soul in the near future. This Buy once, and play on PC and console is business done right. So hat is why I re-entered the world of Forza Motorsports, a world I hd long missed.

That little rant being said, this is definitely my debut with car games on PC. But as much as I love em, I’m not very good at em. Especially with any form of console controller. For this play through, I used the Dual Shock 4. I have a deep love for Playstation controllers. In the real world I am Infinitely better at driving. This lack of skillz never keeps me from getting my fill of racing games and soothes my need for speed, keeping the roads safer and speeding tickets down.



My First impression about Forza Horizon 3 is that it’s a mix of everything I love about free driving car games and auto racing games merged. There’s the rather large map of Australia, complete with backroads, dirt tracks and residential areas. It’s got race events where you compete against other player’s robot controlled cars. There’s even the garage where you can inspect your car, open the doors and trunk and upgrade handling and performance. Forza quite honestly has it all, and that’s not a bad thing this time.

The garage in Forza Horizon 3 is neat. You walk around your car, select areas to upgrade, then enter a menu of parts to add. While this is all good and quite immersive, I’d be more than happy to sacrifice immersion for raw functionality of a menu driven interface here. But there is an option to let your mechanic upgrade the car taking away the hours of part shopping.

The Drivatar is back in Forza Horizon 3 as well. This is a computer controlled version of you. When I first played Forza, the Drivatar was a computer controlled driver that you’d take out on the course to train, then let him run races for you, while you went out and got coffee, got some booty, whatever. This version of the Drivatar I have no idea about. I speculate it learns how you drive, then uploads it’s brain to the Microsoft servers where it applies those driving principals on other players. If that’s the case, I feel really bad for the players who meet my road rageatar.

In all, I really did enjoy the few late night hours with Forza Horizon 3. I really can’t wait to hook up my Thrustmaster driving wheel and play this game the “right way”.

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