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Fallout 4 Secret of the Cabot House Quests

Secret of the Cabot House series

The Cabot house is home to Boston’s Oldest and most mysterious family. This 2 “and then some” part guide goes through the various stages of these weird and interesting Secret of the Cabot House quests.

The first thing to note is that the Cabot house is guarded by a Sentry bot. The door cannot be opened and there’s a speaker box out front. The quest was discovered after a bout of exploring. It appears the right people were killed which prompted them to seek out to hire the lone survivor.

In Beacon hill you run into their front man who forgives your infraction and offers a job to boot. He has you head over to the Cabot house and talk to his boss for a face to face interview.

Things get really strange from here. The family loves to quarrel, it seems like they pass time with bickering.

It’s quest time. A shipment is missing and they need answers. They send you off to Parson’s Hospital to find out that Raiders stole it and are camped out nearby.

After returning the shipment, it’s found there’s yet another problem that needs handling. The younger sister Emogene is missing. She’s run off with a new boyfriend so the family needs you to find out where.

Things get weirder from here.

In this final part of the guide we find Emegene after some hard work and deep searching. She’s holding out with a creepy cult leader in the Boston theater. Time to get her back.

After the heroic rescue it’s time for another heroic rescue. The raiders have attacked the asylum and it’s up to you to save the day.

The rescue leads you to the depths of the Asylum where Lorenzo is held captive. His fate is in your hands. Free him for immortality at the expense of his family dying. Or kill him and get a cool gun.

This video is the results branch of choosing to free Lorenzo Cabot and gaining a lifetime supply of his blood which is pretty much immortality.

Or if you chose to kill Lorenzo and wanted to see what happens otherwise. If you’re not fond of spoilers, this is something to skip out on.

In this “what if” scenario we choose to kill Lorenzo Cabot. Frank Cabot promises that in a week time he’ll have something special for us at the Cabot House. that’s a Lie, he stays at Parson’s.

The Artifact gun is one hell of a knockback weapon. Not much for damage but it does wonders on Synths and their armor. That’s about it, the video is short and the last minute shows the gun in action. Enjoy.

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