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30 Minutes with Dead Effect

This game sucks


Don't buy it

This game was so bad, that 30 minutes felt like standing naked in the middle of a field surrounded by clowns on unicycles, juggling and breathing fire.

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Fuck this game! I spent slightly less than 30 minutes playing Dead Effect. My official opinion is that this game absolutely sucks and to burn all copies of it out of existence.


Get into Dead Effect and you’ll immediately think you were playing the Dead Space Alpha. The Graphics were ok, *stolen* from 100 other games before it.

The sounds and voice acting are worse than me on a normal day of talking. It was like they used a slightly better quality Text to Speech synthesizer. Goals were stupid and combat just sucked.

The zombies just kept coming at you as if this was 1993 Doom, but less intelligent. Hell, why am I even writing this much about the game?

Bottom line, don’t buy it. Just don’t. Instead get Dead Space 1 for a seriously discounted price and 1000 times better story. With my disdain/Hate for EA, even suggesting this game should mean a real lot.


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