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30 Minutes with ARK Survival Evolved

ARK Survival Evolved is a neat little game. It drops you naked and afraid on a beach. From there it’s survival mode. Gather supplies and craft your way to an empire. Or get eaten by a dinosaur. The Latter is most likely going to happen.

Granted, ARK is Steam early access, allowing you to play an unfinished game until you are sick of it and don’t play the release version.

For the 30 minutes I played this game, it was all running around and figuring it out. Having never played, time was short to get aware and get things going.

I managed to craft some basic tools, clothes and other items, then repeatedly get eaten by a dinosaur or 3. This isn’t a bad thing, because being a pile of dinosaur poo was peaceful.

I can’t wait until this game gets closer to release so I can actually play it in depth. There’s a lot to offer and in time, will be a lot of fun.

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