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The Game that Started it All – Rocket Shark

Rocket Shark was a bit of a viral success when it was initially released a little over a year ago. What made rocket shark so special was not only the lovable flying shark as the main character, but also the simplicity of the controls. Simply tap to fly up, that was it. Like it’s predecessor Flappy Bird the controls were simple in nature. but Rocket Shark is so much more.



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Like Super Mario and Flappy Bird had a Shark Baby.

Ok, so that was a little weird but it’s true. Rocket Shark takes elements of Super Mario Brothers awesome platforming and the absolute simplicity of Flappy Bird. There’s levels to get through and worlds to defeat. What really makes Rocket Shark so special though is the music. I spent an ungodly amount of time finding the absolute perfect music to fit with each scene’s theme. I bought many music packs from the Unity Asset store to make this happen. This started my Unity Asset store addiction.

Rocket Shark Screenshot
There’s some amazingly beautiful parallax backgrounds in this game.

What really made Rocket Shark so special though, was not just the music, or the colorful sprite graphics, nor was it the lovable shark himself. This was in all actuality my first game and I nailed it. While it currently has 5 impossibly difficult levels that I bet you can’t beat, each level has soul to it. A piece of my soul honestly went into each level. I love Rocket Shark and all his sharkly glory.

Rocket Shark is honestly way more than a cheap Flappy Bird reskin. It’s beyond a Flappy Bird clone. Rocket shark is more than that. Rocket Shark is his own game. One I still love and stand by to this day. There’s still a few levels that need to be released for it. I want to add in at least 5-10 more levels to call it complete. There’s also the achievements system which still needs an overhaul. Whatever, that will all come in due time.

Seriously, Download and Fall In Love

Rocket Shark was my first. My very first real game release. It also went viral throughout the USA and oddly enough China. It made me realize I could do it. Rocket Shark was the confidence I needed to finally kick my butt into gear to make games. To finally Pursue a long put to the back-burner childhood dream. I can do it. I will succeed.

I strongly believe in the principal of standing on the shoulders of Giants. Flappy Bird, Super Mario, Metroid, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy… They are all giants, huge massive giants. They’re my inspiration, my hope and dreams of becoming something big, something great. To entertain billions of people.

So Download Rocket Shark. Fall In love with him and share with your friends.

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