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Mass Effect Andromeda’s First Week

Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda was released recently, only 3 days since the time of this writing. Up to this point, a majority of my experiences trying to play the game have been the below screenshot. A black game window that goes nowhere except loading up CPU time.

Mass Effect Andromeda forever loading.
Loading, Loading, WTF anyday now…

The PC resolution is set to 4K and this is all that happens at first.  This gaming rig is no weakling. It’s a purpose built powerful PC with an Nvidia 1080TI,  32 gigs RAM and an OctaCore i7 CPU. It has power a plenty. But this game loads like it’s trying to run on an old Pentium PC.

From the time I click the icon to play Mass Effect Andromeda, till the game window shows itself, 39 seconds has passed. After 5 minutes of nothing, I quit the game and restarted it. This time the game window took 25 seconds to pop up and the game did something after 1 minute. After a reboot, it’s back to the same old try again for 3-4 times. Honestly this is way too much work to get a game working. It’s reminiscent of the late 1980’s early 1990’s DOS games where you had to tweak Upper/Extended Memory to squeeze out just enough memory to play.

After much struggle and patience, Mass Effect Andromeda finally loaded. It was glorious. I even managed to eek out a video recording of the first 30 minutes. Though I am still having technical issues. My PC’s dedicated 2TB video drive died the day the replacement 6TB game drive came in. So backing up the files off a dying drive was time consuming.

Finally the time to play Mass Effect Andromeda has arrived. The window loaded and it’s time to start. The first thing I noticed was amazing graphics. Secondly all the woman look butch AF and the men, effeminate little bitches. The whole LGTB anti CIS Gender crap is starting to go too far. It’s starting to be a force to disparage and drive away 96% of the customer base. Ok, that Asian captain was smokin though. I hope my strong male lead character gets to bone her in a 100 different ways. Though he’s the default character look and struggles to grow a beard, so maybe not.

My first 30 minutes of Mass Effect Andromeda were interesting enough to continue playing. Though the whole meaningless insertion of a Transgender, just to be inclusive of 0.04% of the population is just getting absurd. I do like the concept of getting away from Commander Sheppard and exploring an entirely new galaxy. Not that our galaxy is small and uninteresting or anything.

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