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Welcome our Partner in AI – Global Human Initiative

Chaos Rift Games is so proud of this day. We warmly welcome our Partner in game Artificial Intelligence design, GHI.

From the very beginning, what got me into game programming was a deep interest in AI (Artificial Intelligence). Not just run of the mill video game AI, but realistic, believable AI that feels living and breathing. One of my up-and-coming games, Immortal Realm is an ideal place for that AI to exist. The setting is perfect, an island paradise, with two towns, oceans, rivers and little villages dotting the paths. Caves to explore and ample food supply. Immortal Realm is a perfect place for our AI to call home.

Global Human Initiative has now been working on a believable AI solution for over a decade now. Dr Tu Wong discovered me and my passion for gaming and AI through Indie Game dev message boards. He then extended an offer to incorporate his AI solution into a game world. His strength is building AI, and Chaos Rift Games is world building. Together we can create great things.

What makes Dr Wong’s AI so special is how he intricately models the human brain. How he uses this model to Emulate true to life emotion including fear, love, hate and loyalty. This fits right into Immortal Realm. Sure there will be creatures to fight, but all the humanoid races will bear their own intelligence and won’t always be an aggressor unless provoked. Even the big scary looking beasts. But you, as the player can forge your own path and alliances.

With Dr Wong’s amazing research and development into AI, we can now give the player that true to life feeling of being in an alternate reality. A living world that feels so alive, they’ll be emotionally invested into every move and every action. Who they hurt, who they save will all be real and completely unscripted. This is the future.

How Will it Perform on a Gaming Rig?

Modeling such a realistic AI is extremely performance heavy. Just running the AI itself, without Unity would take over 10 “Nvidia 2k ti” series video cards. Thanks to the power of cloud and a new strides into the Quantum computing realm, we can have the AI completely isolated and run from there. Then the main characters will all live within your game through small AI interfaces. Their body, their senses and feelings all in the game, and the intelligence, everything they learn, feel, experience is all stored on the Quantum Cloud.

This is similar to how the IBM Watson AI agent works. Chaos Rift Games gets the API to program and Dr Wong can keep his Intellectual Property (IP) safe.

Why Choose Chaos Rift Games over a Large Game Studio?

Larger game studios are simply harder to work with. Dr Wong is a very secular person and has kept his work secret for over 10 years now. He prefers smaller, more personal levels of interaction that only a small studio can give. This personal touch is one of the main goals of his AI. During testing and development he is guaranteed that only 1 person will be contacting him and they can work closely together in order to integrate the AI solution into the game. This gives him the ability to continue his research with a daily window for communication.

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Craig is the founder of The Chaos Rift and developer of the games published here. In his spare time he'll also write about games, play games and dream about games. Being a Game developer has been a dream of Craig's since he was 14 and after some detours has finally started to realize his dreams.

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