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It's a big empty world.

Took the Plunge into the World of Minecraft

I finally went into the world of Minecraft. It’s been calling out to me for ages. So much about Minecraft to read that I had only glanced over and long forgotten. But this is it, an hour-forty of an absolute noob playing Minecraft.


N00b isn’t even the word for this. Despite the wealth of information out there on Minecraft, I knew basically nothing, save for the pretty pictures and that you could craft.  Getting into the game, you learn quickly to fear the nights. It’s a time when zombies lurk the lands and strange creatures roam about waiting to murder your hard work.

Starting out in Minecraft is hard work too. There’s nothing but the will to dig dirt and cut down trees. But that will alone is the power of legends and soon you can craft things out of the dirt and trees. Planks are the first thing to make. Just one stump and you got planks. You’ll need tons of them as they’re the basic building block for a new character.

Next you’ll need to make tools. The Statistics page had some basic formula for building, at this point it’s sticks and stones needed to make tools of survival. This is where I left off on the game. After stumbling about like a blind newborn for a good time, exploring the areas I finally settled near the spawn point. This was learned after several deaths and not being able to find the point of death, thus losing everything.

Staying close to home was the most important thing for now. As a new player, you’re weak and easily stabbed to death by zombies and bone archers. Collecting your experience crystals and supplies is absolutely critical in the beginning. Without it, it’s starting over again and again.

Minecraft is a basic looking game, which has become it’s own style. It’s built on survival and creativity and ever more complex than one would imagine just looking in.

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