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For Honor: Is it Really Worth Playing

For Honor Review

Overall Impression

It Gave my cat Cancer

For Honor wants to be a great game. It has the looks to it. But the UI keeps jumping in the way of actually playing the game.

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For Honor is a hot title with some amazingly awesome graphics. But it’s game play hides behind a clunky and hard to figure User Interface. For example: to start a mission there’s no “Start Mission Button”. It’s kicked off by clicking some box to change your character’s appearance.

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For Honor is narrated by someone who’d rather be anywhere else. A dispassionate woman giving a historical account of the fictional world, or some other BS. I forgot because it was too boring to listen to.

This is so awesome looking until you actually play it.

Ubisoft is akin to the crazy ex girlfriend who keeps calling and promising to be awesome. She looks great and is wearing a sexy dress, but hits you on the head and runs off with your wallet instead of delivering on her promises. That’s what Ubisoft does to us each and every game. From The Division, to Assassin’s Creed, to Anno 2205. Hype and promise but a fart to the face of good taste.

For Honor has all the potential (I’ve said this so many times) to be a hit game. But Ubisoft would have to not be involved. I really wanted to enjoy the game, but having to go through the Tutorial, only to go back through the Tutorial again in the first campaign, that’s just an insult. I miss the days when games would come with an instruction manual that you had to read.

In Closing

For Honor is a game that is for a nice rainy Sunday afternoon when you’ve played all the other good games in your library. For Honor is a great game to look at, with pretty graphics and incredible animations. But the whole User Interface greatly drags down the experience.

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