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Cryptocurrency ICO
Cryptocurrency ICO

The Chaos Rift ICO!

Well maybe it’s not a true Initial Coin Offering (ICO) but it’s similar.

Note: I’ll be updating this page as I flesh out the business plan. I’m a person who prefers to create Win-Win situations. In my mind, it’s the best way to conduct business.

Truth being I love making video games, but it’s in a perpetual “Indie” state as I’m a one person team. I want to make bigger, better games and 2018 is that drive. So here’s the plan.

First off, I bought every asset from http://www.infinitypbr.comand have a grand scheme of bringing old school D&D style games back to the front of gaming. But I need more time, more money, and I hate begging people for money. So here’s my plan:


I’m going to seek investors who want “forever money”. Sounds too good to be true? Crypto currency is making fairy tales into reality. So what you can do, to help me make games and make money for yourself is really easy. It’s call setting up a Cryptocurrency Masternode.

The principal of a masternode is very simple. You put down an average of 1000 coins on a server. This “pay to play” shows that you mean business. The server runs 24×7 and handles all the transactions and other mystery stuff to keep the network running. Every few hours the Coin Network gives all it’s Masternodes kickback of the transaction fees and block rewards. So money trickles in every day for as long as that chosen Cryptocurrency is viable and holding a value.

But setting up a masternode isn’t cheap. It requires a server to run 24×7 (I have lots of those already) and an investment in capital. Upwards of $10k to over $1 million (Dash). Each coin has it’s anticipated ROI that goes down over time as more people jump on the train. So the goal here is to jump on high value nodes to get as fast an ROI as possible, from then on it’s revenue.

The plan

I plan on setting up a slew of masternodes of different coins to diversify the portfolio. The first coin I’m taking investors on is Polis. It’s a relatively high paying Masternode and thus should give a quick ROI. But It’s also expensive with the need for 1000 Polis coins ($15,000USD) to start.

Here’s how to invest

  • Each Node has 10 slots, minimum purchase of 1 slot.
  • Each Polis Slot will cost 100 Polis. (Phils slots will cost 1200 Phils)
  • To make it secure and so I know who you are, make the number “odd”. For example: 100.455112
  • Followup with an email to NodeMaster\@\chaosriftgames.com (Without the \) with your payment address. I don’t care to know your real name, or any personal information. All I need is a Polis Wallet ID to send the payments. (My future lawyer may change this part of the plan)
  • Once enough currency is received (1000 Polis, 12000Phils, 1000 GOA), the Masternode gets set up and we start collecting.
  • If we receive enough for 2+ Master Nodes we’ll set them up. Otherwise you’re put on a wait list and can opt to be refunded.
  • Each Node setup will reduce the administrative fee by 1%.
  • The bare minimum Administration fee will be 1%.

Where to Send

  • Send 100 Polis to PEbgyrLhLUU1a7PCx1kngu1zQV8vNSiQTt
  • Send 1200 Phils to PmwQHRrqx6oRsx1vNTgQk6GxE4NWXWdiCS
  • Send 100 GOA to: GWPLi7Y4FHdgswyNd37tJDYy3Ui8V4q53y

The Fine Print

  • My cut for 2018 is 10%, this covers administrative, R&D and an automated payment system.
  • However, as new masternodes are added this will go down 1% per additional node to a minimum of 1% (subject to change with infrastructure and maintenance costs. No greater than 5%).
  • However, if I only ever set up 4 or less nodes, in 2019 the fee will drop to 5%.
  • You can chose to cash out or reinvest in more Masternodes. By “cash out” I mean get your initial investment in Coins back. Once you’re in, you’re in for life until the currency has no profitability.
  • The Maximum investment slots per Masternode is 10. You can buy 1 or all 10 if you choose.
  • The only limit I’m imposing for setting up Nodes is my available time.
  • You only get paid in the currency you invested in. So if 100 Polis cost you $2,000USD, but by the time the ROI is met, it’s now worth $50, you still get your 100 polis “cash out”. If it’s worth $10,000, you still get 100 Polis “cash out”. Side note: You’d only get 90, because my 10% fee. But no worries, you’ll still be generating money for as long as the currency and node is profitable.
  • That’s the risk with investing in Cryptocurrency. It could be worth a BMW one month and a busted up Honda Civic the next. I will only accept and pay in the coin chosen. That means don’t try to send me Bitcoin, USD or any other form of currency.

Future coins

I plan on creating masternodes for as many coins as possible. This diversifies the portfolio as well as gives options to current and future investors. On the near horizon and within reach is:

  • Goa
  • PhilsCurrency
  • Polis
  • MoneyBag
  • Sparks
  • BiblePay


I’m starting from rock bottom here. But this is a great way to create a win-win situation. With Kickstarter, you have a lose-win situation. The investor in your project loses because they have to invest in a startup with hopes the product becomes a reality. This could take years of waiting. Game making is such a venture. I’m still waiting for the Open Beta key for a game I KickStart funded 2 years ago but they promised within 1 year.

With Cryptocurrency and Masternode technology I can offer so much more to my fans and backers. Not only can they take part in funding game development for “Panda 2.0” and my yet to be named fantasy D&D style game, but they can get revenue in return, “forever”.

Setting this all up does take time. So that means less time for making games. But the upside is I will have more free time in the future by having more funds to buy game assets or hire artists to make them for me. (I’m far from an artist).

The really fine print

Cryptocurrency is breaking into the mainstream. So in that sense it is extremely new. It has an incredible volatility as new investors jump on board and jump ship when things go bad for a few days.

This frenzy or “cryptofever” can be dangerous for the long term of the currency. If everyone is expecting a payday by buying and selling aka NASDAQ style, it’s going to crash. Which is why I strongly push mining as well as masternodes. It’s a fundamental part of Cryptocurrency that helps keep it alive.

I cannot in anyway guarantee amazing returns or even profit. If the nodes do work as intended, you, the investor will get paid regularly. How much at this time is unknown. Payments will overtime decrease as more masternodes are brought online. This is why I’d set up multiple for the same currency.

In closing

Thank you.

About Craig

Craig is the founder of The Chaos Rift and developer of the games published here. In his spare time he'll also write about games, play games and dream about games. Being a Game developer has been a dream of Craig's since he was 14 and after some detours has finally started to realize his dreams.

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