Fallout 4: How to Assign Staff and Connect Power

Fallout 4 is a fantastic game so far. But due to it’s PC/Console crossover nature, the interface is a bit of a pain in the arse. In this short video I cover both topics of Assigning personnel to a station, as well as Connecting power to resources.

Connecting Electricity starts around 2:30 mark.

Essentially to perform both tasks you need to be in “build mode” by holding ‘v’ (no idea about console). Approach a worker, hit ‘e’ for “command”. Then run yourself to the station and click ‘e’ assign, again.

Food is another big thing (not covered in the video). It’ the same way. Find resources in the wild, plant them and assign a staff member to a plant. They’ll then farm all the food in the area.

As for connecting power, in buildmode run to the generator and hit ‘spacebar’, then to either the pylons or energy using item and click space to attach. For long runs you need multiple pylons to support the wire and attach to each one along the path.


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