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Not sure how many times I have to write that. Probably 1000 more. registered this domain back in 2002 during an unemployed year. I desired to do freelance game journalism and possibly some design. But as luck would have it, I soon found employment and took to occasional writing.

I’ve been a gamer for a very long time, let’s say greater than 20 years. At this point too many hours and dollars have been dumped into the hobby, but oddly enough, I still get to have an existence beyond the screen.

Though often times frowned upon, I attribute gaming to having a direct effect on my life and career in a positive way. In the early days of PC gaming, we had to have a very detailed and intimate knowledge of hardware, memory allocations, IRQ’s and operating systems. A level of detail most computers would never need. New game came out? Great, not enough lower RAM, had to find a new mouse driver that took up less UMB (upper memory bounds) in order to be able to use the mouse, a soundcard and leave room for DOS. The 640k memory limitations were intense. Even with the extended memory it was endless tweaking to get things working. These days, there’s none of that. I still build my own gaming PC’s though. I choose ASUS for everything they make to go into my PC. This is a free shoutout because they’re not paying me to say this. It’s an honest choice of mine. 15 years or more I’ve rarely had an issue with anything they’ve made.

It was this intimate knowledge of how computers work, mixed with a constant need and ability to grow and learn new technology that landed me into the IT field, and later into finance and management. I still game and still learn and possibly will until I die.

Gaming is my hobby. Whether I am streaming/recording or not, I’m still playing. The video’s are sharing this experience with the younger generation. I figured I’d stream games because it’s new (to me), fun. I may not be exciting as I could, just yet, but it’s a learning experience and I’m growing with it.

I’ll be upgrading my Microphone soon as there’s too much echo on it (I hate headsets) and my voice is barely audible. But these are speed bumps in a fun process.

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Chaos Mistress
Chaos Mistress is the spokesperson and main author to The Chaos Rift Websites. Avid gamer and passionate about outdoors, adventures and living life.

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