A Chaos Rift First: Published our First Android Game! Bionic Bird

Bionic Bird is Official!

Pushing the “Submit app” button on Google Play for Bionic Bird was one of the best moments in my life in memorable times. It’s been something desired to be done for over a decade, and finally the time has come. The wait up to app Approved Status was filled with anticipation and excitement. But that day finally came.

Bionic Bird
Bionic Bird
Price: $0.99

All you have to do, to get this Bionic Flappy bird masterpiece is click the above button and marvel at the new and rather addictive game.

Bionic Flappy Bird Level

Flappy Bird never looked so sexy as a Bionic Bird

Currently it’s playable on Android, but we’ll have it on IOS once we can actually afford an iMAC. iTunes requires developers to have a MAC, which is a primary reason I had never published an app before. Times have changed and this time it’s for the better.

So Hurry up and grab Bionic Bird, it’s such a great game. More features will be added as the app progresses and matures based on User Feedback.

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