30 Minutes with Shroud of the Avatar

In this Let’s Play series, the game of choice is Shroud of the Avatar. I’ve not had the opportunity to play this game for quite a long time and a lot has changed.

Some of the things I’ve noticed were quite positive. The game looks a lot like what you’d expect from Richard Garriot: Ultima Online 2.0. Yep, there’s an uncanny similarity with UO and that’s not a bad thing. I loved UO when it was first released, the classless systems, skills raise on use and decay over time… There was just so much to love, except EA owned it…

Garriot is going out on his own with a daring Crowd Funded endeavor to bring his mind to life. The World of Ultima has always been a favorite and this is bringing me back there, with a new name of course.

My time playing this game was short, but I really crave to jump back in and show you the world.

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